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IRBUZ & AQS. Group

The Gillette ProGlide Flexball adapts perfectly to the contours of your face to, for maximum skin contact. Soothing battery-powered micro-pulses help to reduce friction and increase the lubricity. The combination of the Flexball technology and our ProGlide blades ensures that virtually every hair is caught.

Oral-B tooth and gums mouthwash 500ml
helps prevent caries
helps prevent caries
additional Information ingredients
Aqua, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, flavor,

For  lovable giggly morning moments all your baby needs is lots of love and a nappy that keeps them dry all night long. Pampers® Baby- Dry have Micro Pearls that absorb up to 30 times their weight, and lock in wetness.





Our company is a leading trading company for drugstore goods and OTC products. For more than 50 years our company has provided all types of products from namable brand manufacturers, for all types of customers. Our headquarter is in Germany. We are a family-owned enterprise, which associates are still active as company directors. They particularly tend to the product design of our private brand and to the strategical focusing of the company.

Halajot Deutschland GmbH, was established 1960 in Hanau, Hessen (Germany) and is a family enterprise in the second generation. Our wide assortment consists of products for drugstore departments as well as for washing- and cleaning products and furthermore snacks and beverages. Our company is one of the leading trading companys for drugstore goods and OTC products.

IRBUZ & AQS. Group

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